– Airbnb to target business travellers with introduction of new search tool

It seems global accommodation site Airbnb is consistently launching new products, so it’s no surprise to hear they’ve got another one on the go: a search tool for business travellers.

This feature will launch soon and allow professionals to filter homes and apartments that Airbnb has deemed Business Travel Ready, reports Bloomberg. To qualify for a BTR listing, as the company calls it, the dwelling must have a desk, Wi-Fi, self-check-in through a doorman or digital lock and various amenities you’d expect at a hotel, like free shampoo, a hairdryer and iron.

Last year Airbnb announced the introduction of its Trips feature, which includes guided nights out and experiences such as violin making in Paris and marathon running in Kenya. The company continue to expand its offerings and this new tool is just another example of how.

There were 250 companies signed up with Airbnb to book and manage business travel in 2015. Last year, the number of people using the site for business purposes tripled and is expected to quadruple this year, said David Holyoke, the head of Airbnb’s business travel division. There are now more than 250,000 companies using it, including Alphabet Inc., Domino’s Pizza Inc. and Morgan Stanley.


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