– Innovation will be the theme in Bangkok for the PPW Asia 2017 Conference

PPW chairman Simon Baker has announced Innovation as the theme of the 2017 Asia conference in Bangkok.

The conference will take place from the 7-10 March,  the topic particularly pertinent, given that it underpins all facets of the property portal industry.

“The global online real estate industry is undergoing rapid growth.  This growth is on all dimensions – from visitation, to engagement, to revenue growth and profitability,” said PPW chairman Simon Baker.

“For established markets, this growth is being fuelled by product and user experience innovation but still tied to the traditional advertising model.  In emerging and early stage markets, this growth is also being driven by innovation in the go to market model, more specifically movement to the far more lucrative transaction stream.

“The Bangkok Conference will explore all aspects of innovation from product and user experience innovation through to changing business models.”

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