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The unscrupulous activities by the terrorist groups all over the world are resulting in a huge blow to the global tourism sector substantially. The world tourism body, UNWTO strongly condemned the recent terror attack in Bangkok. UNWTO Secretary-General, Taleb Rifai in a statement said, “These are direct attacks on the livelihood of the Thai people and their economy which is strongly linked with tourism. We stand by the Government and the people of Thailand in supporting its tourism sector as a vital pillar of the well being of Thai people.”

The truth about the terrorism activities pronounce the fact that anything can happen anywhere in the world. Be it the shooting and explosion at the touristy Dolmabahce palace in Istanbul, the bombing at the Erawan shrine and in the Chao Phraya River in Bangkok, or the mass shootings on the shores of Mediterranean at a beach resort in Tunisia. Paris, Nairobi and many other popular destinations of the world have witnessed the burns of cruel and gruesome terror attacks.

Global travelers are striving hard to find a way to avoid such ill-fated incidents but there is hardly any full-proof plan. However, as a smart traveler, one should be able to gauge the political condition of a country before planning a trip. People in New York might be afraid of traveling to Paris, but even their own city witnessed the dreadful 9/11 incident.

Taleb Rifai in his statement about the recent Bangkok attack added, “Terrorism is a global threat impacting our societies, taking the lives of innocent people around the world and aiming to destroy our economies and our way of life. Thailand has a long tradition of being a hospitable and welcoming country and we fully believe it will continue to be so.”

In a debate against the thought of avoiding travel, one can imagine how that will encourage the terrorists even more. Travel agencies are advising travelers to plan their trips smartly and keep a track of the odds before traveling. It is observed, while it’s always a good idea to register your trip abroad with the State Department’s Smart Traveler Enrollment Program. It becomes all the more important if you’re heading to an area where you’re worried about terrorism or unrest.

For travelers who book independently, it is for them that the travel leaders worldwide are suggesting travelers to book their trips through a travel advisor. This may be one of the situations in which it could be beneficial to have a trusted travel agent help you plan your trip, rather than simply booking yourself online. A travel advisor can be an advocate you can turn to in a time of crisis when you’re far from home.

To conclude, a traveler must remember that the odds are always in their favor and they can hardly defy the destiny. In 2014, 24 private-sector U.S. citizens overseas were killed as result of terrorism. However, the fatalities were in places where people will hardly go for a holiday, like Syria and Afghanistan.

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