– SkyGreece still unable to fly – Hundreds of passengers stranded

Numerous delays by start-up airline SkyGreece resulted in a huge fury among the hundreds of stranded passengers and most of them vented their frustration on the social media channels.

The enraged passengers reacted as the airline founded by a team of Greek Canadians, including a Greek Orthodox priest named Fr. Nicholas Alexandris have failed to appease their customers. Some of the delays went as long as four days, according to the customers. The social media attack forced the airline to take down their Facebook and Twitter accounts.

The airline said nothing except that the flights are delayed due to ‘operational reasons’. The troubled passengers are now venting their anger, frustration and disgust on a new group called SkyGreece troubles.
According to the Facebook posts, the priest, Fr. Nicholas supposedly answered one of the stranded passengers on Skype and regretted about the entire scenario. The enraged passengers believe that the airline is playing blame game and avoiding the imperative measures to end the woes of the consumers.


The Facebook posts suggest that the passengers are camping outside the Athens Airport waiting for a confirmation from the company. There are rumors about bankruptcy circulating on the Internet, however, the airline is yet to announce anything of that sort.

Angela Pozaritis, daughter of a Canadian lady stranded held the airline responsible and demanded financial responsibility from SkyGreece stating, “This is a petition list press “like” if you feel SkyGreece should be financially responsible for everyone’s ticket. They should be responsible not only for the safety and well being to and from Toronto and Greece, but we should be reimbursed our money back.”

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