– Sony drones will help in stable flights and avoid human errors

Sony’s latest camera drone prototype is capable of taking off vertically and flying like a plane. The drone made a brief appearance in the film Die Hard 4.0 is the product of Sony’s joint venture with robotics startup ZMP. It resembles the short takeoff and landing of Lockheed Martin F35 fighter jet.

These camera drones can fly further and faster than traditional hexacopters. A joint venture called Aerosense, it uses the imaging technology of Sony, sensing and networking from its smart phone range providing robotic expertise which helps them to fly.

These drones will be used mostly for measuring, surveying, observing and inspecting and will also help in accidents caused due to human errors.

Drones will be used as sensors which will help to sustain stable flights and will become cheaper with technological advances. They are emerging as viable business and consumer products.

The television and film companies are using civil drones for high powered photography and can bring aerial floating action shorts within controlled environment.

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