– Johnny Depp Buying a Greek Island

Johnny Depp has reportedly purchased an island in the Aegean and he’ll soon be on his way to Greece to check out his new property, according to the Athens Macedonian News Agency in a statement.

Depp, the American actor who is currently filming in Australia is expected in Greece in late July.

The report claims the actor spent 4 million euros for a small islet in the Dodecanese region.

The news was made public, according to the Athens News Agency, by Proto Organization Ltd., a UK agency that handles property acquisitions. Steven Taylor of Proto referred to an island called “Stroggino” although he was probably referring to Strongyli, a tiny islet near Kastelorizo in the Eastern Aegean. The report claimed that he was the same agent that represented Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt in their transaction for an island purchase in the Ionian Sea.

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