www.buy2greece.com – International Property Promotion – Are business travelers aware of employer guidance surrounding mobile travel booking?

Travizon Inc., a globally recognized travel management company, has released the full results of its 2015 Business Travel Survey. Interestingly, the survey found that nearly 80 percent of business travelers don’t have (or aren’t aware of) any employer guidance surrounding mobile travel booking.

“Mobile now represents more than 25 percent of online business travel bookings in the U.S.,” said Anita Salvatore, EVP, Global Account Services at Travizon. “Yet corporate policy continues to lag when it comes to acknowledging mobile behaviors, defining acceptable mobile apps and usage, and communicating these provisions in order to drive compliance.”

The 2015 Business Travel Survey was designed to address growing mobile issues and other evolving travel topics–including traveler tracking, meetings management, and business travel in the sharing economy. The survey analyzed responses from over 200 U.S. business travelers, who were segmented by job title, age group, and travel frequency.

After separating the data across demographics, the survey revealed little disparity between Baby Boomers and Millennials concerning mobile policy awareness, as well as several other topics where larger gaps may be expected, including anxiety-provoking incidents and issues with accommodations.

While 37% of respondents reported experiencing fear while traveling, only 7% of the whole group reported that terrorism is the primary reason – rendering it the least significant cause among seven possible choices. In fact, lost luggage (26%) was the number one anxiety-raising occurrence across all age groups. Most notably, not a single person traveling 1-5 times per week listed terrorism as a primary source of stress; most were more concerned with road and flight accidents. In addition, of all common hotel complaints, 46% of respondents – regardless of age – reported an unclean room would most negatively affect their performance on a business trip.

The Travizon survey uncovered other interesting trends, illuminating prominent business traveler pain points stemming from the traveling experience itself, as opposed to planning processes and corporate policy. As this trillion dollar industry continues to grow, businesses and agencies alike must place further emphasis on creating a seamless, high-touch experience in order to foster and maintain business traveler engagement and satisfaction.

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