Increasing your commission pipeline by 6X: Step 6 – Engage with prospects on different stages of their path to purchase

Purchasing a home, from an initial idea to signing a deal, takes time. And purchasing a vacation home in a foreign country for a few millions may take even more time. However, it doesn’t mean that prospective buyers are nowhere to be found before they make their final decision. And for sure you shouldn’t just sit and wait until someone comes in to give you money.

A regular home buyer makes an average of 52 touchpoints from the initial inquiry until a purchase, and there is much more before that. All real estate professionals say they know about the purchase funnel, but too many let prospects walk away for a “not buying now” reason.

What if I tell you that capturing intent on different stages of the funnel and nurturing buyer’s interest can increase your sales by at least 50%? And you don’t need to do it manually.

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