Arabs and their hunger for European properties

Europe is hot with HNWIs (High Net Worth Individuals) from the Middle East. More and more properties in Europe are being bought by Arab elite. Not only as an investment, but also as a living place, because with their private jet or helicopter they are here in no time.

The reasons

Let’s see the reasons why Europe is so popular with wealthy buyers from the Middle East.
First of all, Europe is relatively close compared to other interesting places in the world. Europe has a high standard of living, excellent facilities and a stable and legally secure political climate.
Of course, an important factor is also the climate. Especially, the summer is much cooler than in their home town. Even the hottest days in Andalusia cannot match the heat in the Middle East, where it fluctuates between 38 and 49 degrees Celsius from May to September.
Furthermore, the diversity of the landscape is unique: Mountains, beautiful beaches, green fields, hills, forests and rivers … Europe has it all.

In Dubai, the temperature in the summer can reach over 50 degrees in the shade. Europe is then a perfect place to cool off.

Last but not least, their extravagant hobbies are also a motivation to invest in European properties. Equestrian sports, hunting and falconry are some characteristic examples of this. In Netherlands, Spain, Italy and Portugal dozens of properties have already been sold to sheiks, sometimes just by telephone!

Arabs train falcons to hunt for competitions. These competitions are about the speed and beauty of the falcon. They sometimes give each other a falcon as a present to maintain business relations. Falcons are also mentioned in the Quran as sacred birds.

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