Pelio – A quick guide

The place of the mythical Centaurs and starting pont of Jason and the Argonauts. Choose amoning thick forests filled with fragrance of honey , flowing waters, arched bridges, emerald coasts and traditional fishing villages, where yoy can always drink the essential tsipouro. You will be fascinated by the mountain traditional and verdant villages as well as by the culture of the sea. Ideal destination all year long, it is recommended for hiking, climbing, winter and summer sports, and off-road-climbing. There is a fully organized ski center at Chania of Mount Pelio. The monasteries of the mountain are famous for their architecture and stunning natural scenery. Some of them have based their operation of the standards of Mount Athos monasteries. The thick vegetation, the strong smell from fragrant herds and rare plants, such as the blue bell-flowers, the Algerian iris and the orchids, are typical of the area, and the smell spreads down to the coasts of the mountain. The beaches of Mt. Pelio are among the most beautiful of Greece, while the little islets create fisheries for the underwater fishing. Sailing competitions are held in Pagasitikos Gulf.


The village has been declared a traditional setlement and is a special tourist destination, within a relatively short distance from the city of Volos. The traditional character has been preserved and is protected, thus meintaing the classical Pelio architecture, with the houses having a rich wood-carved decoration, lots and large windows, balconies (sachnisinia) and a stone-made roof. Visit the Museum of Folk Art and History and walk in the famous sqare, the paved little alleys, and the wider area. In the church of Agios Georgios inside the village, admire the rare icons painted by the folk painter Theophilos. Follow the paith network and visit the monastery of Agios Gerasimos Neos, an amazing building hidden on a lush spot under huge cliffs. There are accommodation and catering facilities. Taste the delicious local dishes. The view from the suqare is breathtaking.

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