www.Buy2Greece.com – Gay tourism in Spain increases over 28% in 2016

Spain’s gay tourism growth trajectory is on the upward with recorded figures showing that 28% increase over 2015 and 34% higher than the average figures recorded in previous summers.

The average spending of gay tourists is more than 30% higher than spending by tourists generally, a recent study conducted by Cromosomax reveals. The study has been conducted in collaboration with a group of party promoters, owners of gay bars, accommodation managers focusing on the LGBT community and specialized travel agencies.

The study helps to explain why every year more destinations try to attract more gay travelers.

It is estimated that the gay tourist spends about 130 euros a day on entertainment and dining, beating the average tourist by, among other factors, their greater presence and social activity.

Gay tourism contributes more than 9 billion euros a year to the Spanish economy, which is 18% of total tourism revenue.

The gay tourists came mostly from the UK, Germany and the US and visited already established Gran Canaria, Ibiza, Sitges, Torremolinos and Benidorm. Barcelona joins this list which turned out to be the big attraction for summer 2016.

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