Buy2Greece – Space tourism to become a reality by 2020

If you are still stuck on the new trends of tourism on earth like medical tourism, eco tourism or sustainable tourism, then it is very likely that you are missing on
the bigger picture, SPACE TOURISM! Yes, you read it right. If two private space companies are to be believed, by 2020 you can go on vacation somewhere in Earth’s orbit.

Bigelow Aerospace and Axiom Space say they’ll have commercial facilities available by 2020. They announced their intentions this week at the 2016 International Symposium for Personal and Commercial Spaceflight.

Bigelow, which produces compressed habitat modules that expand when they reach their destination, already has a test module attached to the International Space Station.

Private spaceflight will allow NASA to turn its attention to Mars exploration while enabling more people than ever to experience space, the companies say.

“Hopefully, if we’re successful in the private-sector community, NASA’s going to save a boatload of money, on multiple locations [in orbit] – not just one – with more volume than they’ve ever had before,” Bigelow founder and chief executive Robert Bigelow said.

The comany is planning to connect its forthcoming B330 modules together to create enough spac for four guests at a time, accompanied by three Bigelow employees.

Axiom Space intends to attach its seven-person habitat by 2020 and leave it connected until the end of the ISS’s life.

Dennis Tito was the first self-funded “space tourist” in 2001.

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