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Buying real estate in Greece as a profitable deal

Recently, the demand of real estate in Greece by foreigners has increased significantly. As you know, housing prices in Greece during the crisis greatly decreased in all regions of the country. At this moment, buying a home in the capital or the prestigious recreation centers in Greece is possible not only for the wealthy investors, but also for the people with modest financial incomes. Last but not least is the fact that buying a property from the owner or builder in the amount of above two hundred fifty thousand Euros from third-country nationals gives a unique opportunity automatically to obtain a residence permit.

Real estate in Greece – the most attractive among tourist countries

It is easy to understand buyers of properties in Greece. They are attracted by the warm Mediterranean, Aegean and the Ionian Sea and the well preserved beaches, many of which are awarded with the prestigious international Blue Flag for the excellent ecological environment and favorable mild climate, where summers are long and cool, and the winter is short and snowless… The real estate prices of homes at the sea or in the mountains are affordable, the locals are friendly and the standard of living in Greece is rather high… In addition, the realty market in the country offers the best deals not only in the housing segment, but also in the segment of commercial properties  and might be the first step to establishing a successful business.

Real estate in Greece near the sea will bring additional income

Every year increases not only the number of buyers in Greece, but also the tourist flow. However, if property prices here still continue to fall in some parts of the country, rents are steadily rising – especially the luxury housing. This means that the residential real estate at the sea can be a source of additional income for their owners. Not everyone can be in Greece all year round, even having his own home. After a beautiful and long-lasting rest, many owners of holiday homes rent them out during their absence from the country.

Selling property in Greece – without pitfalls

Foreigners can easily purchase homes in Greece. The only exceptions are the border areas of the country, where buying real estate is possible only with the permission of the Greece Ministry of Defense. The purchase and sale of a property can be concluded by legal and private owners. The whole procedure is accompanied with a notary public and has no risk or pitfalls.

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