– Expert outlook on how culinary tourism is becoming a growing trend in travel

To make a city or neighbourhood a culinary destination, there are a number of elements that need to coalesce. With just a diverse mix of restaurants and an inviting atmosphere, it is not possible to establish a heavily trafficked food destination but it also requires city planning, community development, tourism and marketing.

We asked one of the culinary tourism experts and here is what Elizabeth Bergin, HAAC vice-president, MBI, Inc. Culinary Consulting, shared with us on “How Culinary Tourism Is Becoming a Growing Trend in Travel”

The onset of technology has brought the world of food, wine and travel into homes. The demand for extraordinary travel experiences and the broadening interest in international culinary education is on the rise. The Chicago-based company, the World of MBI/A Taste of France creates and leads culinary travel adventures for educated consumers and food-savvy travelers; culinary industry professionals and students, offering itineraries based on the company’s many years of travel and personal research. Countries visited: France, Spain, Italy, Germany and more.

 “For over 20 years, we have been offering unique style of culinary travel. We know the chefs, the gastronomy and the culture of each country’s region that is visit and select accommodations, menus and private culinary related visits that provide our clients a range of experiences. Our gourmet adventures offer a perfect blend of urban and rural; classical and regional cuisine; leisure time and cultural visits resulting in luxury travel that captures the spontaneity of personal travel, and opens the door to the authentic, personal experiences you want when you travel. Our culinary travel adventures are a once in a life time experience…… to be enjoyed again and again! ”

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