www.buy2greece.com – Luxair: the best of European cities

Luxair has just launched the travelblog.eu site, a dynamic platform designed to present culture, leisure, nightlife, restaurants and shopping recommendations at Luxair Luxembourg Airlines destinations.
The travelblog, a collection of original contributions from on-site correspondents, has been produced by publishing house Maison Moderne and is available in English and French. It is meant as a place of inspiration for travelers, who can view it on their computer, tablet or smartphone. Each post consists of a photo, a short presentation, a location map, the address and a link to the place’s website. The cities covered are Barcelona, Berlin, Copenhagen, Dublin, Geneva, Hamburg, Lisbon, London, Luxembourg, Madrid, Milan, Munich, Nice, Porto, Rome, Stockholm, Vienna and Venice, a list bound to evolve along with Luxair Luxembourg Airlines’ map of destinations.
Powered by 400 sheets accumulated in the past two years for the recommendations contained in Flydoscope, Luxair‘s in-flight magazine, travelblog.eu will be updated at a rate of 365 new posts per year.
“Through this blog, and our many locally-based contributors, we will inspire you, guide you along your way and help you discover the best which Europe has to offer”, Adrien Ney, President and CEO of LuxairGroup, is quoted as saying on travelblog.eu.

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