www.buy2greece.com – 5 exciting over-the-top hotel amenities for business travellers in Europe

Travelling around the world for business is probably the least dull affair for a corporate traveller. Be it in London, Madrid, Florence, Berlin or Fiji, the hospitality industry around the world is ready with top-notch amenities to woo their guests travelling for business. From private pianos to a secluded trip to an island, a number of luxury properties around the world are offering over-the-top amenities to their guests.

5 Over-the-top Hotel Amenities

• Private Pianist
Where: The Goring, London
Located near Buckingham Palace in London, The Goring is perhaps best known as the luxury hotel where Kate Middleton spent her last night as a commoner before the royal wedding. Guests who would also like a taste of royal life can book the Royal Suite. Here, at no extra charge, the hotel can arrange for a private pianist to serenade guests on the suite’s bespoke grand piano. Guests can also enjoy personalized stationery, bathrobes, and slippers in addition to hand-made chocolates.

• Temporary Closet
Where: Hotel de Rome, Berlin
Forget your little black dress? No problem. The Hotel de Rome offers Schumacher designer dresses at no extra charge, whether guests are looking to wear a cocktail dress or an evening gown. The Schumacher shop is located just a few minutes from the hotel, which can organize a private shopping trip there.

• Private Island Getaway
Where: Laucala Island, Fiji
Booking a vacation to a private island resort in Fiji would feel like getting away from it all for most people, but guests staying at Laucala Island can take privacy even further. The hotel arranges excursions to Tadra Beach (meaning “dream beach” in Fijian), which can only be reached via boat, catamaran, or Jet Ski. Tadra Beach is available to just one couple at a time. The excursion is complimentary for guests celebrating an anniversary or honeymoon, and a spa treatment can be arranged there, for a fee.

• Monogrammed Bathrobes
Where: Hotel Ritz Madrid, Spain
Sometimes the simplest things can seem the most luxurious — especially after a gruelling transatlantic flight. At Madrid’s Hotel Ritz, staff places personalized monogrammed robes in the room before your arrival. Wrapped in red ribbon with single rosebuds, these are no ordinary bathrobes; they’re probably the most opulent and plush ones that you ever used.

• The ultimate bubble bath
Where: Il Salviatino, Florence, Italy
After a surfeit of meetings, few things are more relaxing than a bubble bath. One of Il Salviatino’s discreet service ambassadors can pour a prosecco, spumante or Champagne bubble bath. Not only do the hotel guests bathe in bubbles, they can sip on them as well as a reward for closing an important business deal.

These days, hotel amenities—especially at resorts—are often way over the top, as properties come up with increasingly amazing ways to pamper and spoil guests. The above list outlines the five plushest amenities offered in some elite properties of Europe!

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