– Yoga Travel is the new armchair travel

We’ve all heard of armchair travel: the perfect way to momentarily escape from one’s stressful, over-scheduled life. People used to relax, grab a copy of the New York Times Travel section, and let their minds wander to their own private paradise. If they were reading an article about Italy, they might even accompany their armchair trip with a big bowl of pasta.

That trend, unfortunately, is so 20th Century. Not many people have time to sit in an armchair, and even fewer read actual newspapers or books. A big bowl of Pasta Bolognese? Forget it. Carbs went out with wearing leotards to the gym. People want to multi-task and lose weight whilst clad in black leggings and Lululemon. They keep going until their minds and bodies just can’t take it anymore. The solution: a yoga retreat.

The yoga retreat isn’t a new concept, but its popularity has gained critical momentum over the years. Surfing and yoga in Costa Rica, or yoga and shamanic experiences in Peru are examples of two popular combinations.

But what happens when people no longer have time for a retreat? How do they fit any “me time” at all into their busy schedules? A new business, appropriately named “The Flying Carpet,” seems to have the solution. It allows yogis from around the world to stream live yoga classes from Madrid. And if people are too busy to take an hour long class, they can get a “Yoga Reboot,” which delivers a clear mind and relaxed body in only 20 minutes.

The business recently launched a crowdfunding campaign on the international platform Indiegogo. They’re currently raising money to launch Phase 1 of The Flying Carpet, which is opening the studio in Madrid and creating downloadable content such as yoga class videos and mindfulness MP3′s. Phase 2 of the The Flying Carpet project will see the concept expand to other cities around the globe, so yoga enthusiasts everywhere can replace their armchair travel with yoga travel. Someone needs to invent a yoga pose called The Traveling Yogi!

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