– U.S. tourists take maximum advantage of rising dollar price

U.S. tourists are in for big holiday plans as the price of dollar has hit the highest level since March 2009. U.S. Tourists are packing bags to welcome a grand holiday for Christmas and the New Year.

With the strength of the dollar increasing, the American travelers will have great buying and leisure travel experience in the European and Asian countries against their currencies.

The dollar may dominate and keep up its top position till 2018 with other currencies following a sluggish growth and oil prices facing volatile prices.

Americans are regarding this as a golden opportunity to wine, dine and shop in Beijing, Tokyo and Paris.

The same trend was observed in Europe in 2014 when the European currency dipped by 10 per cent against the dollar. Travelers taking adventure trips found great deals on Luxury holiday’s in Irish Castles and shopping articles like Italian leather shoes.

This year saw more travelers from the U.S. Traveling to European destinations. Travelers from the U.S. have been taking holidays on exotic river cruises.

Weaker Australian dollars has increased strong consumer confidence and there has been a 7 per cent increase in travel spending.

With the Japanese yen falling 14 per cent behind the USD, electronic goods, hotel rents and food have become more affordable for the U.S. travelers.

The number of American tourists rose by 20 per cent according to the Japan National Tourism Organization. They said that with the acceleration of dollars, Japan attracted more overseas travelers.

The airlines like JAL and All Nippon Airways are increasing their airfares but the prices in hotels still remain the same. In 2015 it is expected that more Americans will make trips to Australia.

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