Buy2Greece- China – LPS SHANGHAI 2014

The 8th consecutive edition of LPS will be held on December 12-14, 2014, at the iconic Shanghai Marriott City Centre. The international real estate expo will provide a unique opportunity for Shanghai’s elite home buyers to interact with international leading luxury real estate experts in a prestigious setting.

Much more than just a real estate expo, LPS Shanghai is a unique concept, specifically designed for the China market.


LPS Shanghai 2014 is an invitation-only expo, welcoming highly targeted luxury real estate buyers, investors, VIPs and wealthy individuals. Over 5,000 targeted visitors are anticipated to visit this year’s expo.


Sponsored by Ferrari, M1NT Club and Azimut Yachts, LPS Shanghai 2014 will be held at the iconic Shanghai Marriott City Centre, right in the heart ofdowntown Shanghai. This central high-end location, combined with the participation of world-famous luxury brands, will create a unique and captivating atmosphere, the perfect environment to stage luxury properties.


LPS Shanghai will present luxury properties from a wide range of countries, regions and cities and will focus on showcasing all types of international high-end properties, from ski resorts to private islands, from historical Chateaux to luxury condominiums.

The real estate expo will present a balanced selection of properties located in the world’s most desirable areas: China, USA, Canada, Australia, UK, France, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Cyprus, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and many more.


In addition to the three-day property exhibition, LPS Shanghai 2014 will be holding a full set of super-exclusive on-site events to keep the international real estate expo alive and maximize interactions between exhibitors and visitors.

Exciting events taking place during the three days of the Show include the glamorous LPS Gala Cocktail Part, the VIP Grand Opening reception, the LPS International Real Estate Forums & Conferences, the Luxury Italian reception, private gala dinners and exclusive wine tastings.


LPS Shanghai exhibitors are able to stay in touch with show visitors beyond the Show itself, thanks to the full set of LPS online and offline publications. These include LPS Shanghai Show Magazine, the targeted LPS Shanghai Newsletters and the official LPS Website.

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