Buy2Greece-Mission to China to attract investment

This week Invest in Greece Agency participates in a mission to China within the framework of the official visit of representatives of the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs, aimed at attracting investment and strengthening the business relations of the two countries.

The CEO of Invest in Greece Agency, Mr. Stephanos Issaias, visited Beijing to present Greece’s new investment environment and a portfolio of specific projects per investment sector, to Chinese investors during the investment seminar organised on Tuesday, November 27, by the Embassy of Greece in Beijing in collaboration with the Chinese Ministry of Trade and the Lazard Bank China. The visit of Mr. Issaias was complemented with a series of prescheduled one-on-one meetings in light of the fact that new, as well as already existing Chinese companies, have expressed their undiminished interest in doing business in Greece. During the meetings, key questions regarding the economic stability and competitiveness of Greece were answered.

Yesterday, Thursday November 29, the mission visited Shanghai, where the Greek Consulate, in collaboration with the media organisation 21st Century Media organised a two-day investment seminar to be completed tomorrow. The event is highly successful.  During his keynote speech, Mr. Issaias, addressing the investment audience, as well as journalists, analysed the reasons that Greece is an important investment destination for China. He also presented a number of structural measures and legal instruments that support investment in sectors such as energy, food and beverage, tourism, and real estate.

Based on this seminar, 21st Century Media has published a wealth of material on Greece and its investment opportunities under the title “The right time to invest in Greece?” on the popularChinese economic news website.

Our joint visit to China with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs shows that Greece plans to attract investment in a coordinated manner and targets strategic areas with major investment capital outflows, and also gives us the opportunity to directly contact companies, either to provide them with the significant service of the after sales support of Invest in Greece or to invite them to include our country in their investment agenda. According to estimations of Chinese officials, the export of investment capital from China will balance the corresponding import in the next five years. Greece has already been proven to be a profitable investment destination for several Chinese companies. We are here to garner support for what we believe should be the part of Chinese investment capital attributable to Greece based on its comparative advantages.”, the CEO of Invest in Greece Agency, Mr. Stephanos Issaias, said in his interview on the Phoenix TV network of Shanghai.

China – a global power
China is a rapidly growing economy that not only has a huge export activity, but has also begun to invest large-scale capital abroad. The “Going Global” initiative of the Chinese government, to support Chinese companies to invest abroad, provides a vital framework for further cooperation between Greece and China. In the following years, investment inflows could follow the trend of the trade transactions between the two countries, which almost quadrupled in the last 10 years (from €790 million in 2000 to €3.025 billion in 2010).

Despite the international economic downturn, the Chinese economy continued to grow impressively. In 2010, China became the largest exporter worldwide. In 2011 FDI Outflows from China to all countries totaled $146.7 billion [China (excluding Hong Kong): $65.1 billion, Hong Kong: $81.6 billion, Source: UNCTAD, World Investment Report 2012].

Greece is China’s main gateway to Europe and bonds of friendship and mutual respect for the history and culture of the two civilizations unite the two nations.

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