British passengers might be stranded for a week on a Greek island

Bad weather forced Ryanair to cancel their flights on Sunday. About 40 Liverpool-bound passengers are stranded on a Greek island and are possibly informed that might not get out of Greece before next month. The stranded passengers reportedly lost their composure when the budget air carrier responded indifferently.

The passengers at the Corfu International Airport claimed that they were left in dark about the real incident. According to the reports, there are a few heart patients and the passengers had to sit at the airport for almost 12 hours a day.

In a statement made by the Irish budget airline, a spokesperson said that the adverse weather conditions forced the cancellation of two flights to Manchester and Oslo Rygge on Sunday. He also said that the affected passengers were offered accomodation and refreshment vouchers.

Ryanair said that it is looking for a favourable weather condition to schedule additional flights for the stranded passengers and will soon contact the upset airline passengers.

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