– Will Apple iPhone 6 revolutionize travel experience?

Apple, the celebrated manufacturer of Smartphones announced the official launch of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus on September 9. Beautiful design and smart technology are synonymous with Apple products. However, the recent iPhone came with a bigger screen size and a thinner body to match the smartphone market competition. The newer versions are flaunting a screen size of 4.7 inches and 5.5 inches respectively.

As a travel gadget, here is a quick look at some of the features that makes iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus a formidable competitor to other travel gadgets.

Battery Life
An average traveler taps and swipes a Smartphone more often checking out maps, apps and review sites. A full day charge looks quite a difficult circumstance. However, the new iPhone 6 is an upgrade on the 5S. Alongside increases in raw battery capacity, the iPhones’ faster A8 processor offers improvements in power management. Apple data suggests the iPhone 6 will last 25 percent longer on 3G browsing than the iPhone 5S. Standby times are identical, however. It’s an improvement rather than a sea change. The larger iPhone 6 Plus promises a bigger boost in battery life.

Apple’s iPhones have always taken the rivals by surprise with its superior image quality. In recent times, other Smartphones have upgraded their camera feature by leaps and bounds. The new iPhone 6 camera is still an 8MP camera. But, the camera is not only about megapixels. Both the iPhone models have a new sensor, improved image stabilization, more precise auto focus for sharper and better photos. The new introduction includes the ability to shoot slo-mo video at up to 240 frames per second. The camera will be a significantly useful tool for the global travelers.

More apps
The iOS platform from Apple set a benchmark of superior travel apps and even after a continuous competition from the android market the iOS 8 will bring in a sea change. Due to be available from September 17, the new operating system will add new features like enhanced photo editing, HomeKit integration allowing more control over connected security and other travel apps for the holiday makers worldwide.

Tough design
The new iPhone models come with an “ion strengthened glass” screen. Apple ensures that its Smartphone are durable to cope up with the serious punishments and probable accidents during traveling.

Secured Payments
As traveling is becoming more and more a smart activity, several phone networks and banks are launching mobile payment options through smart wallets. Apple Pay is the innovative version from Apple for the same. It will be available from next month, initially in US. Both new iPhones have a Near Field Communications (NFC) antenna for making contactless payments, which shoppers authenticate using their iPhone’s Touch ID fingerprint sensor. Apple Pay could offer a safe and convenient way to pay while traveling. Travel apps including Uber (for private hire cabs) and OpenTable (for restaurant bookings) have already announced Apple Pay integration services.

Needless to mention, the new iPhone models will soon get hold of a major smartphone market. For the global travel industry, Apple will keep on innovating and adding more apps, maps and services in regular intervals. Let’s witness how technology revolutionizes travel experience in the near future.

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