Google rolls out innovative search engine techniques for travel agents

Google makes it easier for travel agents with its latest innovative search engine techniques. Google is rolling out a couple of new advertising products for hotels and wholesalers. The latest report by Evercore highlights this idea. Entitled as ‘Google’s Travel Plans in a Post-Atomic Era’ this report serves as follow-up to Google’s Summer Online Travel Plans, which was published in June, and Travel Industry’s Trip in the Cloud (March, 2013).

Through this new travel initiative, Google would afford suppliers and brands a method in which to make “Limited Offers” (via Suppliers / Wholesalers) and, more importantly, expects to roll out a new “captive demand” platform in partnership with the major brands which stands to integrate loyalty / reward information into a logged-in Hotel Finder travel search experience, likely leveling the Search playing field in travel like we have never seen before.

A Google Travel study shared with its Hotel Finder partners seemed to point to Google getting much more involved in travel bookings, and the need to make the booking path more efficient, Evercore states.

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