– How can we make the global travel industry more sustainable?
The importance of sustainability is discussed and supported by the entire travel industry innumerable times. Amadeus, the leaders of innovation and technology in the global travel industry took a step ahead and conducted a survey to explore the imperative initiatives of sustainable traveling.

The long-term efficiency of sustainable practices is recognized by Amadeus as a continuous effort from travel companies. The travel industry professionals are expected to leave a positive impact on the society and the environment.

Amadeus, which forms social responsibility as the core of their business strategy conducted a survey to find out the perennial steps to enhance sustainability in the global travel industry. Collaborating with the customers and travel industry leaders they explored the sustainability practices that will make a difference in the future and their innovation can bring.

Here is what the survey revealed:
(*) 57.14% – Speaks in the favour of the positive impact of tourism on receiving communities. The travel providers are equally responsible as travelers when the impact of conscious tourism is witnessed as a sustainable effort.
(*) 19.64% – Believes that eco-friendly transportation is another important part of sustainability in the world travel industry. Fuel efficiency came in as the major contributor as aircraft manufacturers like Airbus launched A380 and the Boeing introduced 787 Dreamliner.
(*) 17.86% – Believes educating the young leaders of the global travel industry will bring in a change. Knowledge transfers will develop and regroup travel professionals to build a more sustainable industry in the future.

(*) 5.36% – sees that passenger rights should be given more importance. “Accessibility to the transportation system especially for the persons with limited mobility” is also a part of the EU’s vision for a more sustainable transportation system.

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