Robot Butlers: Automated Room Service at Aloft Hotels!

Meet A.L.O. (pronounced: “el-oh”), Aloft Hotel’s new robot butler! Just under 3 feet and dressed in a vinyl-collared uniform, this robot butler (also known as Botlr) is ready to serve guests with aplomb!

The industry’s first automated bellhop can carry out all the usual room service tasks, reveal officials at Alof Hotels, a brand of Starwood Hotels. Guests at the hotel just need to call the front desk and specify their requirements. The staff will load up the Botlr with requested items, punch in the guest’s room number and send it off to make the delivery. Also, guests won’t have to pay tip for all that service. With the delivery complete, the Botlr will request for a review. If the guest puts in a positive remark on the built-in screen, the robot does a happy dance.

The official launch of this incredible technology is on August 20th. Brian McGuinness, senior vice president for the Aloft brand, said he could see having one or two Botlrs in each Aloft hotel. “I think there is a chance that this could go enterprise-wide based on a successful pilot,” he said.

So, is this new technology puts a question mark on bellhops? Officials at Starwood say these robots won’t replace any employees. Rather, they will be freed from petty tasks so that they can concentrate on other important managerial works.

The Botlr was designed and built by Sunnyvale, California, start-up Savioke. If the launch is successful, 100 of such Botlrs will be deployed in Starwood’s other properties.

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