– JW Marriott Miami luxury hotel opts for EcoSmart Energy Management System – Telkonet, Inc., a leading and cutting-edge solution-provider for reducing energy consumption, is excited to announce the JW Marriott Miami luxury hotel has selected their EcoSmart Energy Management System to be installed in 307 guest rooms. Selecting the EcoSmart system offers JW Marriott Miami substantial reductions in energy consumption – resulting in significant savings to their bottom line.
Developer of the revolutionary EcoSmart energy management platform which provides comprehensive savings, management and reporting of a building’s energy consumption.
Energy usage is a major operating cost for hotels across the country. According to a recent EnergyStar report, on average, America’s 47,000 hotels spend $2,196 per available room each year on energy. This represents about 6% of all operating costs. Energy efficiency provides hotel owners and operators cost savings that benefit their bottom line. The EcoSmart energy management system aggressively reduces energy consumption and run-time by 20-45%; while maintaining room comfort.
Securing the contract was a huge success for Telkonet’s partner, Evolutix. They performed rigorous testing for over a year to exhibit the numerous benefits and competitive advantages of the EcoSmart energy management system. “Through our perseverance, dedication, and hard work, we were awarded the contract based on quality, cost savings, product and service,” says Pedro Moreira, owner of Evolutix. He also stated, “Having the support of the Marriott engineers was influential in securing the contract.” Installation of the units will begin August 3, 2014. “Evolutix was instrumental in sealing the deal with the JW Marriott Miami, and, we are very pleased that EcoSmart will be installed in such a high caliber hotel,” says Chad Burow, Director of Sales and Marketing with Telkonet.
All rooms will include the EcoSmart suite of product and services – including the EcoCentral Virtual Engineer? which is a robust cloud-based monitoring and control system that allows property and asset managers the ability to monitor cost savings room-by-room; the EcoInsight, energy management thermostat and the EcoView, in-room occupancy sensor. The entire EcoSmart Platform will connect to the existing Property Management System (PMS) providing state-of-the-art monitoring.
Evolutix, headquartered in Rio De Janiero, Brazil, is a world leader in developing and implementing sustainable energy consumption strategies for both new construction and also retro-commissioning projects to maximize return on investment. For more information, visit,
Telkonet, a leading US-based energy management technology provider offers hardware, software and services to commercial customers worldwide. The EcoSmart suite of products, which includes EcoInsight and EcoWave intelligent thermostats, the EcoView occupancy sensor and the EcoGuard energy management outlet, can be deployed in most building environments to cut utility costs and enable remote monitoring and control using the EcoCentral management platform. Telkonet’s energy management products have the power to reduce energy consumption, minimize carbon footprints and help reduce the need for the construction of new power plants. For more information, visit
Its EthoStream division is one of the world’s largest High-Speed Internet Access (HSIA) network providers.

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