Phil’s Top Property Tip of the Month – Step outside and start repairing this summer –
Have you ever pulled onto your street and noticed a few things you could do to spruce up your home? Well, summer is here so get outside and crack on with that ‘to do’ list!
Longer days, shorter nights and better weather mean there is no excuse to stay inside. Whether you are looking for a big project, or a small one, summer is the perfect time to enhance the exterior of your home.
Kerb appeal is a big factor for buyers, so keeping on top of basic maintenance could make a huge difference in the future. Remember, prevention is better than cure! Here are a few suggestions to consider…
Tidy up the front garden: Spend a few hours updating the front garden. It is an area that should always be aesthetically pleasing to those passing by or more importantly potential buyers. The garden says a lot about your home and should be at the top of your summer to-do list.
Clean out the garage: The garage is an easy location to dump rarely used items, boxes and miscellaneous objects. Take a sunny day to open up your garage door and take stock. Be ruthless and clear out anything that you haven’t used in the last year or two. You’ll be amazed how much you won’t miss things. It’s only about a day’s worth of work and can increase storage space and the appeal of your house.
Examine the exterior: Check the outside of your home thoroughly for signs of wear and tear. Peeling paint and years worth of grime can detract from the kerb appeal of your home. Thorough cleaning and repainting can make the world of difference. For a less time-consuming task, simply painting your front door a new colour will give it an instant facelift.
Let the light in: Take some time to clean every window in your home. Wash the windows and windowsills both inside and out and check all the seals around the window panes. While you’re up a ladder it’s a good idea to check all the gutters and and clear out any obstructions. A handful of leaves or a stray tennis ball blocking a gutter can lead to thousands of pounds worth of damage. Wash the windows and windowsills both inside and out and check all the seals around the window panes. This tedious task should only take a day, but will enhance the exterior and interior of your home.
Check the roof: Never neglect your roof – it is the shelter over your head. The summer provides the perfect opportunity to examine the roof for damage, leaks, and missing tiles. If there seems to be a serious issue you should contact a professional.
Ensuring the outside of your home is in the best possible state not only gives you the pleasure of living in an attractive, well maintained home, but it also helps add value and boost the appeal of your property when you decide to sell. First impressions are everything, and you want to ensure the outside of your home leaves potential buyers hungry to get inside.

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