What do Chinese home buyers want?

Buy2Greece.com – Wealthy Chinese buyers are long-term property investors who buy homes with future generations in mind, says The Wall Street Journal (3 June 2014). A survey on high-net-worth Chinese by Sotheby’s International Realty revealed 93% are more likely to buy a home for their offspring – as compared to 64% in the US – and will shell out $1 million – $3 million on homes for their children and generations to come. Home value appreciation is the main factor driving affluent Chinese property investors – 99% consider ROI as crucial. Recent data from Juwai.com shows that Chinese buyers from Tier-1 cities (Shanghai, Guangzhou) prefer US and Australia, while Tier-2 cities (Chengdu, Kunming, Harbin) opt for Spain, Germany and France. According to Andrew Taylor, Co-CEO of Juwai.com, “Consumers in tier-2 cities are more adventurous than their tier-1 compatriots. They seem to be leading the charge into the furthest-flung international real-estate markets.”
source:The Wall Street Journal

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