Cristiano Ronaldo in Mykonos

The football ace is accompanied by a few good friends while resides in the villa of Gianna Agelopoulou

The beautiful Greek Island of Mykonos chose Cristiano Ronaldo to relax and drown his sorrows after the failure of the Portuguese National team in Brazil. A few days after the exclusion from the first phase of the World Cup, the superstar… decided to vote for Greece for his summer holiday, wanting to relax and recharge for the new season ahead. So he decided tosee the beauties of the island and swim in the blue waters before returning to Madrid to start preparing with the Real.
Cristiano Ronaldo arrived by airplane on the Cycladic island on Sunday the 29th of June and showed no desire for publicity, as he requested by the paparazzi on his arrivals not to be photographed. However, he was unable to escape the ubiquitous camera of Mykonos Live Tv, which they captured him several hours later, on a boat.
The football ace is accompanied by a few good friends while resides in the villa of Gianna Agelopoulou. On the third day of his stay in Mykonos, Cristiano boarded with his friends in a luxury yacht and visited the neighboring Island of Paros, while on the way back to the yacht he made a stop at the area of Rinia.
Judging from mood which he arrived in the island of the Winds the Portuguese striker, probably not going to see him wander in Matogiannia or dive in some of the cosmic beaches of Mykonos…


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