Deutsche Bank official: Florida should be a model for Greece

Deutsche Bank official: Florida should be a model for Greece

Greece should take a lead from the US state of Florida and diversify its economy to attract investments, a member of Deutsche Bank’s supervisory board said, according to a German newspaper.

In a speech at a conference in Vienna, Paul Achleitner said, in the future, “work will be available wherever the best and cheapest labour force is,” and Europe should see this as an opportunity and try to attract the best people, Die Presse reported. 

In the same way, he said, Greece should take the lead from Florida. “Thirty, forty years ago, there was nothing in Florida but good weather. Then, infrastructure was developed in Florida and more and more companies were set up there,” Achleitner said. 

“Today, Florida is one of the most dynamic states in the United States.”  

Source: Die Presse

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