Italian firm Enel requests permission to search for oil

The Italian energy company Enel Group has submitted requests to search for hydrocarbons – namely oil and natural gas – in three areas in Epirus and Western Greece, illustrating the growing international interest for energy in Greece.

The first two areas are northwest of Peloponnesus and in the Aetoloakarnania region, both of which had been included in older surveys in 1996 that were handled by Enterprise Oil, Union Texas, MOL and ELPE. The third area is in the Preveza-Arta region, between Aetoloakarnania and Ioannina.

Enel has expressed its interest in accordance with the relevant legislation, which will allow the firm to carry out its surveys in the specific areas. The Ministry of Environment, Energy and Climate Change has the final say in granting permits.

The Minister of Environment Maniatis remarked that Enel’s decision reflects the growing interest of the oil community for Greece. After a series of seismic surveys in the Ionian Sea, Western Greece and south of Crete are completed, further searches for hydrocarbons are expected to take place.

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