The Chinese entrepreneur, Zhang Yue plans to build the largest and most sustainable building in the world in the middle of the Chinese province Hunan, in only seven months. He aims to totally revolutionise the building industry, which evidently would have an effect on all sectors involved.

In the framework of his keynote visionary speech at the 65th edition of the FIABCI World Congress which will take place from 20 to 22 May 2014 in Luxembourg, Zhang Yue will show what role in particular architects play in these times of an economic U-turn.

Sustainable, five-times more energy-efficient buildings that also save land and materials, and are thus low-cost – are the objectives of BROAD Group, a Chinese prefab building company chaired by founder Zhang Yue, a 54-year-old Chinese with a college degree in fine arts. The man, who is a passionate creative thinker, has already obtained a multitude of patents for his inventions, such as the pressure-free hot water boiler, the direct-fired chiller for non-electric air conditioning and a revolutionary air purification technology with an electrostatic cleaner. His most recent completed project however, the T30, a 30-storey hotel built in only 15 days, has made him, as well as the company itself, internationally popular. The secret of how to build such a huge building in such a short time span is as easy as it is clever: BROAD buildings are based on standardised pre-manufactured plates which only have to be assembled on-site. This technique, in contrast to traditional construction which is – according to Zhang Yue – too time-consuming and generates unnecessarily high amounts of waste, is much more cost-efficient, time-saving and mainly environmentally friendlier. But if that is not enough, the Chinese revolutionary wants to go even further with his probably most highly debated plan: SkyCity, an 868-metre high tower which will house more than 30,000 people as well as offices, schools, a hospital, recreation and sports centres, a giant shopping mall and even an organic farm. In addition, there will be also up to 10 km of walking streets within the building. The theory is that as people do not have to leave the building anymore to go to the hospital or grocery shopping, they will not have to use cars – enabling a tremendous reduction in CO emissions.

Zhang Yue, with his revolutionary plans, could not be a more appropriate key person at the FIABCI 65thWorld Congress, especially for the first half of the second congress day on 21 May, 2014, being devoted to the topic ‘Cities and Technology’ and bringing the sector’s top decision-makers together for conferences, debates and workshop sessions. The day’s opening speech will be given by Aimé Shyirambere (Senior Project Manager at Solum Real Estate). Another highlight: the debate of the World Council of Managers includes, besides Zhang Yue, Rüdiger Fritsch (Lawyer at Krall, Kalkum&Partner Gbr), Adrian Joyce (Secretary General of EuroACE), Wolfgang Feist (Founder of Passivhaus Institute) and Martin von Hauff (President of FIABCI World Council of Managers) for discussions on the latest developments within the sector. This fine selection of important speakers makes the Luxembourg congress – dedicated to real estate professionals worldwide – an event not to be missed.

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