The Third Industrial Revolution

The Third Industrial Revolution
The convergence of the internet and energy is slowly taking place: connected buildings and self-sufficient in energy, with new models where consumers become the energy producer. Real-estate technology buildings are flourishing, with a bright future ahead. Whether they be specialised in data collection or wind-system power management, our needs are multiplying in terms of progress made by the sector .

About 1,000 decision-makers from 60 countries will meet up in Luxembourg in May to discover what Luxembourg has to offer in terms of IT, financial, real estate and lifestyle solutions. It will enable professionals to learn more about the latest trends in these fields. When talking about IT and real estate, there are two guest speakers not to be missed: Jeremy Rifkin, economist and thinker, author of the book ‘The Third Industrial Revolution’ and Zhang Yue, a Chinese billionaire at the origins of the Sky City Project – the future highest tower in the world. He is also known for building high-end and hyper-technological buildings including one which has 30 storeys and which was built in only 15 days.

For the first time in 65 years, the FIABCI World Congress will be held in Luxembourg and we are proud to welcome these renowned speakers.
FIABCI is one of the oldest real estate federations and the choice of where to hold its international summit is often competitive. Each year it chooses another capital, in another continent and in 2014, it will return to Europe. Luxembourg won against…Rome.

The main part of the event will be held in the New Conference Center Kirchberg, but also at the Rockhal, Cercle Cité, Cercle Münster and the closing evening is being held at Goodbye Monopol. This is truly an event which you cannot afford to miss.

Luxembourg has chosen the topic ‘Building humanity’.  If you want to find out what you can expect to experience at the event, but also why hotels are about to be fully booked from 19 to 22  May in your  capital this year, visit this website !

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