Greek Tourism Ministry announces tour guide certification courses

The Greek Tourism Ministry announced on 8 January 2014 that the history and archaeology graduates will now get a “fast learning” program which will provide them with a tour guides certification. This program will start from February 2014 in Thessaloniki.

The program will be held from 17 February 2014 to 17 April 2014 at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (also known as the Aristotelian University or University of Thessaloniki).

Those interested to participate can submit their applications along with the required documents; however the seats are limited to 40. The applications are to be submitted to the Tourism Ministry by 24 January 2014

A fee will be charged to those attending the program. The amount will depend on the number of persons attending. Further information on the program may be obtained (in Greek) from the website of the Aristotle University.


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