Russian tourists: Solution to the major market

As determined for Phu Yen province’s tourism sector, Russian tourists is the strategic market; the demands and tastes of these tourists are comparatively easy-going, compatible with the conditions of infrastructure and current tourism products. However, to turn this tourists’ market into the main-force source, the province’s tourism sector and enterprises have loads of things to do.


As generally assessed by the domestic and international tourists, also by those doing the tourism business, Phu Yen possesses the intact beauty, so pure with the sea, the islands and the deep value in culture. Nevertheless, it requires a considerable investment in human resource, intellectuals, a practically long process to turn the potentials and resources into tourism products. Phu Yen tourism is in desperate need of concrete products, among which are particularly unique products to meet the demands towards attracting Russian tourists. The Russian journalist and Vietnam-scholar Daria Mishukova assessed, “Your province is possessing the abundant and featured tourism resources. To exploit, develop tourism your province needs to invest with depth, creating unique tourism products, it’s not advisable to invest immensely”.


Russian tourists are easy-going, and their accommodating duration is normally long, from 10 to 15 days, it’s necessary to invest in the destinations with swimming, sea food dining, shopping and entertaining, and with this, we can “gain hearts” from these tourists. As for this, Phu Yen has only met the first criteria of sea swimming and sea food dining. One of the solutions being implemented by Phu Yen tourism sector is linking with other provinces and enterprises to create striking featured tourism products to meet the demands of Russian tourists’. From the beginning of this year, the provincial leaders, the department of culture-sports-tourism, Phu Yen tourism association have worked with the department of culture-sports-tourism, Khanh Hoa tourism association and Anh Duong tourism company Ltd. twice to work out the solutions of coordinating and constructing tourism products.


Parallel with coordination, Phu Yen tourism sector also determines the requirements of traditional promotion, making full uses of the internet, advertise on websites in Russian…The staff of tourist guides, tour operators…must understand and use Russian to ensure the efficiency of transactions.


One current large gap in Phu Yen tourism sector is the serious deficiency, even at level-zero, of the human resources understanding the Russian language. Therefore, recently, Tuy Hoa Industrial College organized speedy classes for Russian for tourism; however, not many learners have registered. Exchanging as related to this issue, Mr. Pham Van Bay, vice director of Phu Yen department of culture-sports-tourism, let known that the department is considering the proposal to the Provincial People’s Committee to support 50% of the tuition for those learners of Russian language, the support is extracted from the expenditure on supporting the human resources. With the approval from the PPC, hopefully, we’re going to implement at once right from the end of this year to the first phase of 2014.


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