Ancient Olympia

Ancient Olympia is a town in Peloponnese where the ancient Olympic Games were held

The archeological site held over 70 significant buildings and ruins of many of these survive, although the main Temple of Zeus survives only as stones on the ground. The site is a major tourist attraction, and has two museums, one devoted to the ancient and modern games.

In our days Microsoft approved the project for the development of a digital application that will offer a 3D presentation of the monuments and artefacts of the archaeological site and museum in Ancient Olympia, as they were in antiquity


Our office has an incredible opportunity in Ancient Olympia ideal for investment or agricultural in cannabis:

Above some more details:


This present report has been written by the following undersigned


a.  Demetris Tsolakis. Architect from the Technical University of Athens

who has study Architectural special applicable projects.

11 Alopekis St. code 10675 Tel. 210 – 7241810.

b.  Hary Athenais Civil Engineer from Illinois Institute of Technology 1.I.T.

U.S.A. who has worked in the bridge department of CNWRY. Also has

study                                                                             many                                                                  civil                engineering   projects   regarding   Cement

Manufacturing plants Heavy steel construction buildings and also

industrial factories.

L. Drose 15 St. code 11474 Tel. 210-6461656.

This Report was prepared for the purpose to develope a project

approximately 2 klm. from Ancient Olympia.

This report relates primarily to the construction and operation of a

unique  touristic  instalation.  It  presents  enormous  interest  of  organise

exhibition, conferences, concerts seminars and other events that will promote

and sustain the project.

Due to the location it is expected that this project will attract the

majority of the tourists that visit the Olympia site each year.

Greece has a mild and rainy winters, relatively warm and dry summers

and extended periods of sunshine most of the year.

Greece is gradually establishing itself as the ideal choice for hosting

conventions,  international  exhibitions  and  other  events,  such  as  the

development of big hotels complexes or the erection of specialized facilities.

Greece today ranks third in Europe in net profit from tourism.

To star with the erection of three touristic units.

•  The first one will serve as a nerve center for the entire unit. A super

luxurious 6 stars hotel dynamic 200 beds. The estimated cost will be

•  The second one a luxurious                                                     5 stars Hotel dynamic                                                 150 beds will be a

unique                                                                            –  and  extraordinary  facility  dedicated  to  the  promotion  and

perpetuation of the clasical athletic training and other activities. The

estimated cost will be

•                                                                              The third one will be a 5 star Hotel luxurious dynamic 150 beds, will be an

idealize Academy Archaeological studies, Conference room 500 seats, it

shall host a variety of executive level meetings as well as annual meetings


The estimated cost will be

The estimated cost of the conference room will be

The estimated value of the property amounts to

The Total cost of the Project amounts to

•                                                                              The property satisfy fully the National Organization prescriptions.

•                                                                              The building coefficiets are 100.000 m2 X 20% = 20.000 m2.

1. Covering area is 100.000 m2 X 20% = 20.000 m2.

2. Exploitable area is                                                         100.000 m2 X 0,2 = 20.000 m2.

3. Distance from the boundary of the property 15 m.

4. The height of the buildings is 10.50 m.

5. The property is amphitheatric like horseshoe…

•                                                                              The property is immediate and ideal approachable from all the domestic

and international means (cars, airplane, ferry boats, yacht, trains, crusing

boats etc.).

Andravida airport, Epitalio airport, Elicodromio                               100 m. from the property,

and Hydroplane in the Sea of Kaifa spa.

•                                                                              The property has no burdering from onnoying establishments and filthy


In the property there is a well developed electrical power system and

communication facilities.

Also is well known for its excellent table water supply.-

Athens 10/10/2020

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