6 Different Pool Designs for Your Holiday Villa

An outdoor swimming pool is a must-have for any Mediterranean holiday home. While back in the UK, a private pool in your garden would be considered a luxury feature, in the med it’s a staple of everyday life and an amenity that everyone can enjoy for most of the year.
A pool makes complete sense in the mild Mediterranean climate. Imagine yourself on the sun lounger on the patio, cocktail in hand, occasionally cooling off with a dip in the pool – it’s the stuff holidays are made of.
If your holiday home doesn’t have an outdoor pool but you have enough space to put one in, this is one feature that’s definitely worth installing – both for you and your guests to enjoy and to increase the value of your property. Are you ready to take the plunge? Here are 6 great pool designs you might want to consider for your overseas holiday villa.

1. Above Ground Pool

popular choice for holiday homes, an above ground pool is straightforward to install and with no need for heavy duty groundworks and excavation. Especially on rocky hillsides, this can be a cost-effective option. What’s more, should you ever change your mind and move the pool somewhere else or get rid of it completely, the construction makes this easy too.

Above ground pools have come a long way in terms of their design. Taking a holistic approach to integrate the landscaping of your garden with the architecture of your home means that the pool can be made to look and feel like an integral part of the whole.

Image source Backyard Boss

2. In Ground Pool

As an alternative to installing an above ground pool in your garden is to choose a design that is built into the ground. You can create truly stunning results with this permanent garden feature – and the more generous the space you can dedicate to the pool itself and the area around it (terrace, poolside bar), the more spectacular your outdoor space will be.

In ground pools have the advantage of seamlessly blending into your garden setting since they’re installed to be part of the terrain, almost as if they belong there. For added opulence, why not add Roman steps or a water feature, pool slides or a diving board, all surrounded by a spacious sun deck, for a truly luxurious space that you can relax and have fun in.

Image source Promas

3. Infinity Pool

Infinity pools have established themselves as the ultimate in pool design. Offering out-of-this-world extravagance, these bespoke contemporary swimming pools have one overriding goal: to provide the illusion of an endless body of water, by visually blurring the constraints of an artificially constructed pool.

Constructed in such a way so that the edge of the pool meets with the ocean or sky beyond has a spectacular effect, as the image below shows. Infinity pool installations are not a budget option, and in order to take full advantage of the dramatic effect, you really need a hillside property with panoramic views to do your home investment justice.

Image source Culture Trip

4. Lap Pool

An exercise pool or ‘lap pool’ cleverly reconciles the issue of having limited outdoor space with the desire to have a swimming pool. If your first focus is fitness and your garden is not big enough for a full-size pool, this is a great solution.

All you need is an outdoor area with a flat, stable surface that is suitable for a lap pool – an economical but just as beautiful garden feature that effortlessly combines function and style, providing a modest space to swim in the privacy of your home.

Image source houzz

5. Plunge Pool

Are you looking for a pool to cool off from the Mediterranean heat but don’t have the space or right terrain for a large size pool? Plunge pools are small and deep – big enough for a refreshing dip on the sun terrace but not big enough for swimming.

These space saving installations are cheaper to fill and easy to look after, and a budget friendly option overall. Upgrade with fountains or jets, or add built-in steps like in the picture below to take full advantage of your water feature.

Image source Oyster

6. Hot Tub

If you would rather have an indulgent soak than an ice cold plunge, don’t choose a plunge pool, go for a hot tub or jacuzzi instead. Again, you don’t need much space as this type of small pool is not designed for swimming, but the lack of physical space is more than made up by mental relaxation!

Look around and you will find an array of hot tub designs and styles for all types of homes and gardens – you can even put one on your patio.

Image source Home Design Lover

Article courtesy of Annie Button

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