London ranked as best business hub by US tech executives

London ranks as Europe’s leading destination for technology and financial services, and is the best city in which to build a European operation according to a post-Brexit survey of over two hundred senior US tech executives. Mayor of London Sadiq Khan announced the findings in New York during his international trade mission to North America, aimed at strengthening business ties between London and the US following the EU referendum vote.

The findings of the poll commissioned by London & Partners, the Mayor of London’s promotional company, reveals that more of the tech execs surveyed rank London as Europe’s leading tech hub ahead of other cities such as Berlin, Paris and Dublin. Fifty seven per cent also view London as Europe’s leading financial services centre ahead of Frankfurt, Zurich and Amsterdam.

Further analysis of the survey, which was conducted in August after the EU referendum vote, shows that London is seen as the number one destination for US tech executives looking to establish a European operation. The American tech leaders cited London’s superior access to finance, rich talent pool and ease of doing business, in terms of favourable time zones and lack of language barriers.

The Mayor of London Sadiq Khan addressed the leading figures from New York and London’s tech and business communities at an event hosted at WeWork’s HQ in New York City. He will call for greater collaboration between London and US tech hubs such as New York, and declare that London remains open for US businesses.

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