www.Buy2Greece.com – Top 5 new smart technologies for upcoming hotels

More than 5,500 hotel projects with over 1.2 million rooms are currently in the pipeline worldwide. New technology is an important part in new projects. TOPHOTELPROJECTS, the specialized service provider in the exchange of cutting-edge information between clients and contractors in the international hotel industry, is showing some new trends:

  • Tablet computers – printed documents have been replaced by digital ones. The guest can read newspapers, stream videos and control the air conditioner by using the in-room tablet.
  • Service robots – a new towel, a bath robe at the pool or another soft drink in the spa is no problem for the android. Further robots are already in use in the kitchen and the basement, the logistic or in the storage.
  • Entertainment in F&B outlets – embedded touchscreens in bars and in tables are offering fun with games, short video clips and simplify the re-order of food and beverage.
  • Interactive smart TV as information tool – innovative screens in the lobby can be controlled by fingertip or foot kick. The digital lifestyle concierge supports the guests with valuable tips and advices for new hot spots in the area and must-do’s for sightseeing.
  • The VR goggles help to discover new destinations – with brilliant 3D footage hotel guests can discover their next travel destinations along with tasting the local wines and foods.smart-technologies-are-connecting-the-world-and-improving-communities-bu_1787_40081659_0_14117229_500-300x200

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