Vacation Property Sales & Rent is unique overseas property exhibition for a preselected audience, the concept of which provides with opportunities for establishing direct contact between buyer and seller of international real estate.

This overseas real estate exhibition is held in format of a private event and one can attend it by invitation, or pre-registration only. VPSR is not one of the bazaar type of overseas property exhibitions, the total number of participants, as well as number representative companies from each country is strictly limited: The total number of participants is 25 companies; total number of participants from each country can be maximum 3 companies. This new concept for an international real estate exhibition allows us to raise the effectiveness of participation of each exhibitor, since the buyer’s attention is focused on a few select exhibitors, and not among hundreds of unrelated offers, also the rate competition among the participants of our private property exhibition is reduced maximally.

The 10th private real estate exhibition will be held in format soiree, where each exhibitor’s space will maintain a very comfortable setting to insure that sales pitches, presentation and client negotiations can be held privately and effectfully;

During the Private event “Vacation Property Sales & Rent” both visitors and attendees will be proposed wine and canapé service, during the exhibition will be held degustation of the elite sorts of whiskey and cigars.

Overseas property exhibition in Moscow 2015
VIII Private event “Vacation Property Sales & Rent” will be opened to the attendees on the 8 – 9th of May , 2015, from 10:00 till 21:00

Venue: Dovzhenko 1, Moscow, Russian Federation, the Moscow City Golf Club – 1st class venue. It is a modern world-class golf club, very successfully located, nearby to the center of Moscow, but despite this the club has a large green area, a comfortable and quiet setting. It is the perfect place to ensure that all participants and guests will find themselves in a comfortable and cosy atmosphere, which undoubtedly insures that sales pitches, presentation and client negotiations can be held privately and effectfully;

Visitors of the international property exhibition “Vacation Property Sales & Rent” are pre-selected target audience, which can be divided in two parts:
1) Direct foreign property buyers who have the interest and means to acquire it.
2) The Russian companies interested in expanding ties with foreign partners.

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