Brussels Airlines continues flying to West Africa despite Ebola panic

The outbreak of Ebola forced many major airlines to suspend their services to West Africa. Emirates, British Airways are two of the major airlines who have stopped their services immediately after Ebola outbreak became a travel alert worldwide. However, there are two airlines that are still continuing their services to Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone.

Brussels Airlines and the Royal Air Maroc the largest airline of Morocco are taking this as a part of their social and humanitarian responsibility. Brussels Airlines says it has no plans to stop flying into Guinea, Sierra Leone or Liberia in the immediate future.

The vice president of Brussels Airlines, Mr. Geert Sciot said, “Without our flights it would become almost impossible for the medical team to reach the country.”

Sciot, who said that the airline has made flights to Africa a focus of their service for decades, said that the World Health Organization and other health groups had directly asked senior airline leadership to continue service to West Africa. Health groups also partnered with Brussels Airlines to implement measures to ensure safety for the passengers and crew.

All passengers leaving the region have their temperatures taken and are screened with a questionnaire; patients with Ebola symptoms are not allowed to fly. Airline crew are not permitted to spend the night in at-risk locations, so they travel on a Brussels flight to Senegal when they need to stay overnight in West Africa.

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